Films or Series That Can Motivate You to Study Abroad

Have you ever watched a movie or a series and it made you want to go on a trip to discover the country where the story takes place? In this article, we are going to give you a list of movies and series that will make every student want to study abroad! Going to study abroad is a unique experience and an incredible opportunity for all young people. You will gain a lot of maturity by leaving your comfort zone, and it allows you to discover different cultures and ways of life in different countries while meeting a lot of people. In this list, there are films and series about life in different countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Films that can motivate you to study abroad

Talk about films

Here is a list of some films that may help you plan your study abroad experience.

The Spanish apartment: Spain

This film is the one that most represents the idea of studying abroad because it talks about the journey of a student through the Erasmus program, which is an exchange program created by the European Union. It is about a young boy who leaves to finish his studies in Spain and joins a roommate with five other people from other countries: England, Germany, Italy, Denmark and a Spanish native. You will discover the warmth, the rhythm of Spain and the chance to make friends of different nationalities through this film.

Harry Potter: United Kingdom

Harry Potter is certainly one of the most famous film saga in the world. As you may or may not know, the story takes place in a magic school. Of course, a school like that doesn’t really exist but we can imagine that studying in England is similar. In the film we get a glimpse of the landscape of the UK or the streets of London. During the banquet in the first movie, we can also get a taste of the local food. I don’t know about you, but ever since I was a kid, Harry Potter has always made me want to go to a school like this.

Lulli: Brazil

Lulli is a film about a medical student in Brazil, so you will discover a vision of South America that is different from the tourist vision that we usually have. I think that South America is not yet very present in university exchanges and I think that Netflix has done well to choose to make this subject in Brazil.

Howl’s moving castle: Japan

Howl’s moving castle, like all the other films of Hayao Miyazaki, takes you to another world that makes many people dream. This film does not represent the student life, but on the other hand it transports you to the heart of Japanese culture and makes you want to discover Japan in more detail. What all of Miyazaki’s films have in common is that the characters take root in a new place, just as you can do when you go to study abroad.

La Grande Bellezza: Italy

Discover Rome through the eyes of a writer who rediscovers his city. Again, the film is not about studies but about the beauty of the city, and you can even see tourists falling over themselves in front of all that Rome has to offer. By studying there, you will discover warm Italians, good food (very good even), sublime landscapes and above all a place to rediscover yourself as the writer did during the film.

Talk about series

If you are more of a series watcher than a movie watcher, this list is for you!

Emily in Paris: France

This series is about an American woman’s new life in Paris, city of love and lights. Who hasn’t dreamed of moving to Paris or simply going there on vacation? With Emily, you’ll dive into the heart of Parisian life and discover the French way of life. Even if this series is about a job, you can very well consider coming to France for an internship! 

Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream: India

This series follows the life of some students in their university, composed of three episodes, you will dive into the heart of student life in India. By watching it, you will surely learn a lot about India and the people who live there, and may even want to study there to feel a change of scenery and discover a part of yourself that you would never have suspected.

So Not Worth It: South Korea

In a university residence in Seoul that welcomes students from all over the world, you will get a glimpse of life in South Korea. With this series, you will realize how studying abroad will make you meet people from all over the world, learn more about each other’s lifestyle, and how Korean culture attracts a lot of students.

To sum up

I hope that at least one of the movies or series will make you want to study abroad, no matter where it is. Spending a few months abroad surrounded by people from all over the world will make you grow mentally and you will learn a lot about yourself and about others.

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