Best Disability-Friendly Colleges And Universities

The World Health Organization and the World Bank estimate that one billion people are suffering from some form of disability. Of these, an estimated  93 to 150 million are children. Usually, when these children are going to school they often have a separate program, due to some learning problem or other caused by their disabilities. 

Best Disability-Friendly Colleges And Universities

Discrimination And Diversity In Educational Systems

In the past, children with disabilities were excluded from the general education system and placed in “special schools”. In some cases, they are placed in long-term accommodation away from their families, where they are educated in isolation from the community. Both practices continue in many areas. For example, in Eastern Europe, the world’s largest number of children are cared for, and children with disabilities are cared for almost 17 times more than others (UNICEF, 2012).

Unfortunately, people with disabilities or learning disabilities are more likely to drop school because of their many difficulties in an environment which often doesn’t provide the appropriate care and importance to these students. Another big issue that often happens to these kids at school, is that the kids are exposed to violence and bullying by their peers; unfortunately, children often make fun of each other’s differences.

These facts and figures reflect the impact of significant permanent barriers to education faced by many people with disabilities. This includes the following: 

  •  Discrimination and prejudice that people with disabilities deny equal access to education  
  •  Exclusion or separation of mainstream schools (also known as “mainstream schools”) 
  •  Substandard education, including  mainstream schools where children with disabilities are “integrated” into  existing non-inclusive systems 

Adequate Facilities For People With Disabilities

Over time, colleges and universities have modernized and provided advanced programs and certain services for people with disabilities. Nowadays it is common to call these facilities “disabilities friendly”. The accommodations for these students are a little bit different, they must facilitate the learning process for students. 

Accommodations come in a variety of shapes and sizes and may look slightly different for each student. Considering the needs of students with physical and learning disabilities, additional support includes extended exam times, voice recording or note-taking services,  use of specialized apps including technology or dictation software,  classroom or lab more. It may include moving to a building that is easily accessible. , Among many other possibilities. Some schools are more equitable by providing additional mental health support, access to campus support groups for students with disabilities, and a wide range of support services, including sports teams that adopt adaptation principles. We are working to create an accessible learning environment to the next level. Some schools use universal design when creating curriculums and building infrastructure.

College And Universities For Learning Disabilities

With Student.Guide we conducted research to find out what the best colleges and universities for people with disabilities might be.

  1. Stanford University

Stanford University has a comprehensive resource center called the Accessible Education Office that supports students with disabilities. This is a hub for students to identify their disabilities and find a place to live. The first step is to collect the necessary paperwork from the student’s medical team and bring it to a scheduled intake interview with a disability counselor. This session will help students create personalized plans based on student disabilities and Stanford’s unique products. This is also the place students rely on when looking for facility access and adaptive device access application forms. There are also various videos to help students with disabilities who are considering studying abroad, all talking about other people with similar experiences. They help students find accessible host families and arrange the accommodation they need to travel abroad. The accessible education office is part of the student affairs.

  1. University of Michigan is Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is the oldest institution in Michigan known for spreading the truth and changing lives. The University’s Student Services for Persons with Disabilities has provided housing and access to students with disabilities for  40 years. They boast supervision options for assistive technology testing, accessible housing, and non-resident testing. Future and current students will benefit from academic coaching, adaptive sports, transportation, and employment opportunities. In particular, UM offers self-defense workshops. This holistic approach to self-defense emphasizes consciousness and self-assertion, as well as physical and verbal strategies for combating violence. They are proud of their efforts to support the full inclusion of people with disabilities as part of the University of Michigan’s efforts to create a diverse and multicultural community. These are just a few of the many resources available to students with disabilities. All services are available to students at no additional charge. Student Services and Disability Coordinators are committed to creating a comprehensive campus environment through professional advocacy, support, and academic services. 

  1. Cornell University 

Cornell University provides great services for students who have particular needs, it provides the students with appropriate accommodation regarding their needs. Students will discuss their needs in a  staff meeting with the responsible for students with difficulties, so he/she can decide what program and services the student will need. They provide adaptive technology and other resources to save all the sensitive disclosure documents of the student and give them to all campus initiatives. They also cooperate with students to ensure that living space is accessible. Transport Help is provided and also advice and psychological services that can be particularly useful for high schools to university students. All Cornell University libraries have extensive adaptive software that allows students to work with staff to schedule training in the program. Cornell also has a list of clubs and organizations that cater to students with disabilities.

  1. University of Arizona

Students at the University of Arizona have access to a wide range of services and activities. During quarantine, one of their current support programs is to provide students with disabilities with free meals and lunch. 

Students with disabilities, unlike most students, often find themselves in a difficult battle to get a basic home. The university is proud to make accessibility a top priority for everyone. They do not believe that students need to fight the educational war individually. They see disability as a variety that everyone should see and reflect, just like any other minority group.

What the University of Arizona does is research the history of students with problems and difficulties. They mean to be unified with them and let the local area open better entryways. Their aim is to let students – particularly those with LD – stick out, celebrate, and accomplish all that they want. 

  1. University of Florida 

The Disability Resource Center at the University of Florida connects students with the required on-campus collaborations to form the institution accessible to participants of all abilities. Their goal is easiest the access that is presented to students throughout the course of their academic career. After students show up with the documentation of their diagnosed disability they will find out an initial appointment with a learning specialist. During this session, they’re going to do an thorough assessment of learning experiences and therefore explore the accommodations that will be given to them.

This is often where the scholar and the specialist will begin to collaborate on possible programs and interventions which will make student life easier. The student in this way can have a clear idea of how the campus works and with it all the facilities, this will include adaptive technologies and software, access to counseling services, and in some cases making alterations to physical spaces to form them easier to suit the student’s needs.

  1. Ball State University

Ball State University has almost  22,000 students, including 16,000 undergraduates with access to over 400 clubs for students and organizations on campus.

The Ball State University has a welcoming campus, with accessible housing for wheelchair sports and attendant care. Special chairs and tables in the classroom allow students with disabilities to have a comfortable and easy way to learn. Ball State also provides transport services for those who need them. 

For living, students are assigned some accommodations based on what necessities they might have. If necessary, the institution will help the student to find if they need a personal assistant which could help them with everyday tasks such as cleaning, cooking, showering, and more. 

Ball State University’s Office of Disability Services provides many services for students with impairments. There are also many sports available for students for example wheelchairs basketball and you can find other information on their website.

  1. The University of Texas at Austin

It is not surprising that the University of Texas in Austin has made such great strides in offering exceptional services to students with disabilities, as they also have an excellent Centre for the Study of Disability. The two divisions are known to work together to attract excellent speakers, including for a series of speakers on disability issues, which is held every year. This indicates that students with disabilities will not remain in the shadows of the University of Texas and will have many opportunities to be represented and receive the support they need. This includes the activation of a number of devices, including high-technology adaptive technologies and software, under the Texas Technology Access Programme (TTAP). They provide a demonstration of the latest devices designed to support students in class and in student life. The campus also has a variety of interpretation services as well as access to accessible copies of the orientation materials the day before.

  1. Harvard University

Local Student Disability Coordinators are one of the most unique features of their disability services (LDC). These student coordinators specialize in helping students with disabilities at all academic levels on housing issues. 

However, LDC is not the only self-help group for students. Other student organizations distinguish this university:

  • Student Mental Health Liaisons
  • Raising Autism Awareness (HURAA)
  • Eating Concerns Hotline and Outreach
  • PBHA’s Deaf Awareness Club
  • Under the Surface: Mental Health Magazine

Having said that, for sure the University of Harvard is one of the best equipped to accommodate students with problems.

  1. University of Washington-Seattle Campus

The University of Washington-Seattle is a huge academy with a huge campus. In other words, there are a large number of students with disabilities. In fact, students with disabilities resources constantly serve more than 3,600 participants. This is a resource for students who need to request accommodation to facilitate or in some cases enable education. They take a stance on empowering disabilities as part of their ideology of contributing to the rich and diverse environment in which students with disabilities want the campus to grow and grow at all times. From a fair access perspective, students have the opportunity to work with staff to access more accessible classroom spaces. In some cases, they also have resources for furniture, adaptive technology, and exams. There is also a series of video tutorials called my DRS Video Tutorials in this way they can show students how the services work and make a clearer idea of their offer.

  1. Missouri State University

Missouri State University regularly reviews accessibility services for students with disabilities. They have developed a strategy of diversity and inclusiveness to better represent and embrace people from all walks of life, including people with disabilities. Studying the comprehensive environment of the university and creating a climate study focusing on key challenges to improve campuses and programs is one of the key strategic points of their planning.

  1. University of Southern California 

They offer an extensive disability service program through the Department of Student Affairs at the University of Southern California. This is the place for students to meet their disability housing needs. In fact, they encourage students to contact their office before even setting foot on campus to get the ball rolling and understand the services that might be of benefit to them. In order to have their needs met effectively, it is important that students report their disability to the Disability Services Office with appropriate documentation from their medical provider. This office provides a variety of support services to both students and faculty members on campus. This includes support groups and access to the latest technology/tools. They have 20 staff members with different niche specialties to ensure students can work with a variety of people as they make a commitment to have what they need on campus.

To Sum Up

We conducted a study to see which colleges and universities provide good services for students with disabilities. For so long in the past, children with disabilities have been discriminated against by education services, causing them to drop out of school before they should. 

Another negative aspect is that children or teens were often bullied and assaulted by their peers because of any differences they may have had, physical or mental. Today, thanks to new laws and several associations fighting for equal rights, people with disabilities finally have access to adequate facilities and teaching methods suitable for them.

We have highlighted some of the most active facilities, but nowadays almost all educational institutions offer adequate services and facilities for people who may have certain difficulties.

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