Am I in the Wrong Major?

Studies are hard. They are expensive. They’re stressful. But they are also part of the life experience.

You have been preparing for years to go to university. While some people are quite certain of their career path, it is not that evident for others. Some people even prefer to choose the wrong career path, just because doing nothing is so much scarier. But studying the wrong thing won’t help you in the long term either. Find out if you are in the wrong major and – if you are – what you can do about it.

Signs you are in the wrong major

They are multiple signs you’re in the wrong major. If this is the case, you may be currently studying something you don’t really like. Here’s a compiled list of signs you’re studying the wrong thing.

Being present physically but not mentally

You are going to classes and attending lectures, but you’re not really there. Classes feel like they last hours and hours on end. The subject is boring to you, and you are doing everything but listen to what comes out of your professor’s mouth.

Assignments feel like chores

When the time for assignments comes, it does feel like the world is ending. You struggle to finish your tasks, and it feels like you are forcing yourself at every move.

You don’t have any interest in the subject you are studying

Talking about what you’re studying is boring you to death. You hate when someone asks about the topic, and you don’t feel motivated to answer or explain your studies anymore. 

You feel stressed when you are returning after holidays and breaks 

Everyone is a little sad when the holidays end, but you don’t just feel sad, you feel stressed and full of dread about coming back to classes. Your free time may have been awful, but you would still prefer it to the alternative of going back to your studies.

You feel unhappy

Classes are not fulfilling you. And sometimes, you can definitely feel their impact on your mental health. In your free time, you like to do and think about anything but topics even slightly connected to your major. And stumbling upon them while reading or talking with someone fills you with sadness, disappointment, or even fear.

If you feel concerned by all of the above, you might be in the wrong major and simply studying the wrong thing. Don’t worry though, it’s not irreversible yet, and you have multiple options available.

What to do when you are in the wrong major?

Now, you are convinced that what you’re studying is definitely not for you. Don’t panic! I know – easier said than done. But it’s not the end of the world, and you are not alone. A lot of people come to the realization that they are in the wrong major, at some point in their studies.

The truth is, you have a wide range of opportunities in front of you. You are young, you have all your life in front of you and a multitude of possibilities. You can, for example, take a gap year to experience life, try out some jobs and get to know yourself and what you really need and desire in life.

Or you can just take time for yourself to think about what you would enjoy studying. No matter how scary it can be if just thinking about a subject, and you instantly feel excited and happy, don’t hold back. It may be exactly the topic that you should study. You can talk about it with friends, family, and other students, to see what would interest you the most, but in the end, only trust yourself and your gut. It will never let you down and you might end up doing the thing you love most.

However, you should also remember, that the university is not for everyone – and it is fine. If you feel like dropping out of college is the thing you have to do to feel happy and fulfilled, don’t be scared to do it. There are a lot of things to experience in this world and many paths to take, so dropping out of college is not synonymous with failure. Don’t be afraid to try new things and live for yourself.

Summary: Am I in the Wrong Major?

There are a lot of signs indicating you are in the wrong major – demotivation, stress, anxiety, disinterest, or unhappiness connected with your studies. Luckily, you can do something about it. You can choose to take a gap year, you can decide on a course that feels right for you, or you can even abandon university life and do something entirely different. It’s all up to you. Life is stressful enough as it is. Just choose something that you love and will make you happy in the long run.

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